Pokemon Go: Palkia Metagame Analysis

Palkia, the legendary WATER and DRAGON type Pokémon with the ability to distort space, has officially been released in Pokémon GO.  Although Palkias’ stats are truly legendary (pun intended), its movepool is not looking too hot for either PvE (gyms and raids) or… Read More

Here’s Why PUBG Mobile is the Most Popular Game in India

Here are some of the reasons why we think PUBG Mobile is a craze among Indian mobile gamers. When it comes to the gaming industry, India is not a popular name, especially in the console and PC segments…. Read More

Pokemon GO: The Ultimate Stardust Guide: farming, trading, second charge move, powering up

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High Level ‘Pokemon Go’ Accounts are Disappearing

A new Pokemon Go bug is causing players’ accounts to disappear and there’s no update as to when they’ll return. For months, a few Pokemon Go players have claimed that their high level accounts have disappeared without warning with little explanation or assurances… Read More

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – how to get the best ending

Looking to get the best ending in Red Dead Redemption 2? We’ll lasso you around the head and pull you in the right direction towards the game’s climactic finish. Obviously, spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2 follow –… Read More