StarCraft II: WCS winter Round of 32: a viewers guide

After six qualification events and ladder races in the Americas and Europe, the top 32 players in each region have emerged for the StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) Winter event. These players will be fighting for their share of a USD $60,000 prize pool per region—for more information about WCS Winter, check out the program announcement and the official rules.

The first matches for the Round of 32 begin this Thursday, January 31. Here’s what you need to know.





WCS Winter–Europe
WCS Winter–Americas


The WCS Winter Ro32 matches for both Europe and the Americas will be broadcast Thursdays through Sundays for the next two weeks, beginning Thursday, January 31, and concluding Sunday, February 10.

  • WCS Winter Europe Ro32: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m CET/7 a.m. to 11 a.m. PT
  • WCS Winter Americas Ro32: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. PT/8 p.m. to 12 a.m. CET

Be sure to download the Blizzard Esports Mobile App, available on iOS and Android, to easily check the broadcast times for your time zone. You can also set up your notifications for StarCraft II, so that you will receive a push when each day goes live.


WCS Winter will be broadcast in eight languages, all in crispy 1080p!

To stay up to date with WCS Winter and all things StarCraft II esports, follow @esportstarcraft on Twitter.



Pokemon GO: Palkia Raid Counters – Heat Map

Most Raid Boss counter lists assume that you have maxed out versions of each Pokémon on it, but in reality, very few people do. With a Heat Map, however, you can identify whether, for example, your level 35 Pokémon will do more damage to a Raid Boss, than your level 40 Pokémon, due to it having a better and more effective moveset.

There are several different methods for ranking Raid Boss counters, but the one we’ve selected to use is TTW, which stands for ‘time to win’. Basically, this tells you which Pokémon would potentially beat the Raid Boss in the shortest amount of time because if you’re short of Trainers and are trying to beat the clock, this will give you the best chance of doing so. Not only that, but doing more damage can mean more Premier Balls with which to try and catch the Raid Boss!

So, to supplement our Palkia Raid Guide here’s the Heat Map that we’ve made for the latest Legendary Raid Boss, which comes to Tier 5 Raids starting Tuesday, January 29th at 1 pm PST. We’ll explain how to read and use the Heat Map to get the most out of your Raid squads:

*This data assumes that you don’t know the moveset of the Raid Boss, that no moves will be weather boosted, and that you aren’t getting a friend damage bonus, so basically, almost the worst case scenarios – unless the weather boosts the Raid Boss’ moves, things can only get easier.

How to use our Heat Maps

As detailed at the bottom of the graphic, to use a Pokémon Go Hub Heat Map, you first need to identify which of the listed Pokémon you have, whether they have the specified moveset (If not, you can of course use some TMs) and what level they’re at. As a rough guide:

  • If your Pokémon is fully powered up, it is at level 40.
  • If it costs around 8000 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 35.
  • If it costs around 5000 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 30.
  • If it costs around 4000 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 25.
  • If it costs around 2500 stardust to power up, it’s at about level 20.

Try to identify your 12 best counters so that you can fill two Battle Parties – Palkia’s double Dragon type moveset is not going to be very forgiving…

Once you know which of these Pokémon you have and roughly what level they are, it’s time to put them in an order of best to worst; The numbers in the grid represent how long that counter, at thatlevel, with that moveset would take to beat the raid boss if the counter had unlimited HP. So the lower (and greener) the number, the better.

When you have ordered your Pokémon from best to worst, you can make a couple of battle parties so that you’re ready for every encounter you have with the Raid Boss.

Best of luck in your battles with Palkia, and if you have any feedback, suggestions or changes you’d like to see in our future Raid Boss Heat Maps, please Tweet @GoHubQoncept or join us on the GoHub Discord and tag @Qoncept with your comments.


Resident Evil 2 remake gets free Ghost Survivors update in Feb

The Resident Evil 2 remake gets the Ghost Survivors mode as a free update on 15th February, Capcom has announced.

This includes what if? stories of three people who never made it out of Raccoon City: the gunshop owner, the major’s daughter and the soldier. They’re called No Time to Mourn, Runaway and Forgotten Soldier.

What do we know about these three survivors?


In the Resident Evil story, the gunshop owner is Robert Kendo, and the mayor’s daughter, Katherine Warren, is murdered by Chief Irons. We’re not sure who the soldier is, though.

Here’s Robert Kendo in action:

Here’s Katherine Warren:

And here’s the mysterious soldier:


WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Join the celebration and honor the elders during Lunar Festival

Every year the druids of Moonglade hold a celebration of their city’s great triumph over an ancient evil. During the Lunar Festival, citizens of Azeroth have the opportunity to honor their elders by celebrating their sage wisdom, sharing in magnificent feasts…and of course, lighting fireworks.

The celebration has begun in Moonglade, and your Lunar Festival Invitation is waiting. Join in the fun by dressing up in your Lunar Festival finery, launching fireworks, and paying homage to the Elders throughout Azeroth.

When: January 28–February 11
Where: Moonglade, with camps in Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnassus, Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, and the Undercity*
Currency: Coin of Ancestry

  • Activities

The Lunar Festival is a time of celebration for the peoples of Azeroth. At the beginning of each year, elders of generations past manifest around the world to impart their wisdom upon all who listen. Should you encounter these venerable spirits in your travels and take the time to heed their words, they may even pass along tokens of their gratitude—Coins of Ancestry, the lessons of a past age in physical form. Gather enough Coins of Ancestry and the Cenarion Circle will open their stores of celebratory garb, fireworks, trinkets, and recipes!

The Cenarion Circle has good cause to celebrate, for the Lunar Festival marks the return of many Ancients that fell in battles past: Goldrinn, Malorne, Aviana, and Cenarius himself. But this celebration is darkened by the eternal torment of one of their own—Omen, a wolf Ancient blessed by the moon goddess Elune, has risen from the depths of Moonglade’s lake. Though Omen was once as noble and proud as any Ancient, he was driven mad by the Burning Legion’s tainted magics during the War of the Ancients. Omen’s immortality means that he is forever cursed to return in his maddened state at the advent of each new yearand this year, he has grown further in power.  Heroes level 20 and above must make haste to ease this tormented Ancient’s suffering, in the hopes that perhaps next year he will return with a clearer mind.

Seasonal Boss: Omen Returns!

The great wolf Omen was once a hero of this world. An embodiment of strength and fortune, Omen fought beside the heroes of the War of the Ancients until he succumbed to demonic magics. Turning against his allies, he raged across Azeroth, leaving death and terror in his wake. Omen was finally defeated in Moonglade, and he now sleeps among the silt of Lake Elune’ara. But each year, at the beginning of the festival, he stirs…

Main Quest Line

The celebration begins with an introductory quest, The Lunar Festival. The Cenarion Circle has invited all denizens of Azeroth to take part in the celebration of the Lunar Festival. You can learn more about the event by meeting with the Lunar Festival Harbinger.

It wouldn’t be a celebration without fireworks. You’ll be asked to buy some Lunar Fireworks and Cluster Fireworks to launch and complete the quest Lunar Fireworks.

Once you’ve proven your pyrotechnic prowess, you’ll receive your Lunar Festival Invitation to travel to Moonglade and speak with Valadar Starsong in Nighthaven. With your invitation in hand, you’ll be able to travel quickly to Moonglade by standing within Greater Moonlight throughout the holiday.


  • Achievements

  • The Lunar Festival features has 16 achievements and one meta-achievement.

    • Elune’s Blessing: Complete the Elune’s Blessing quest by defeating Omen.
    • Frenzied Firecracker: Shoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.
    • Lunar Festival Finery: Purchase a festive pant suit or festive dress with Coins of Ancestry.
    • The Rocket’s Red Glare: Shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 secons or less.
    •  A Coin of Ancestry
      • There are five achievements involving Coins of Ancestry: Receive a Coin of Ancestry, Receive 5 Coins of Ancestry, Receive 10 Coins of Ancestry, Receive 25 Coins of Ancestry, and Receive 50 Coins of Ancestry.

    It’s a good time to travel Azeroth, see the sights, and pay your respects to the various Elders. Visiting an Elder will reward reputation with select capital cities, a Coin of Ancestry, some experience and gold, and a Lucky Red Envelope.

    • Elders of Eastern Kingdoms (17): Honor the Elders located in Eastern Kingdoms.
      • Elder Goldwell in Kharanos, Elder Bellowrage in Blasted Lands, Elder Stormbrow in Goldshire, Elder Meadowrun in Western Plaguelands, Elder Starglade in Zul’Gurub, Elder Winterhoof in Booty Bay, Elder Silvervein in Thelsamar, Elder Skychaser in Sentinel Hill, Elder Rumblerock in Burning Steppes, Elder Dawnstrider in Flame Crest, Elder Highpeak in the Hinterlands, Elder Ironband in Searing Gorge, Elder Graveborn in Brill, Elder Obsidian in the Sepulcher, Elder Windrun in Eastern Plaguelands, Elder Snowcrown in Light’s Hope Chapel, Elder Moonstrike in Scholomance
    • Elders of Kalimdor (21): Honor the Elders located in Kalimdor.
      • Elder Runetotem in Razor Hill, Elder Skygleam in Azshara, Elder Moonwarden in the Crossroads, Elder High Mountain in Vendetta Point, Elder Windtotem in Ratchet, Elder Bladeleaf in Dolanaar, Elder Starweave in Lor’danel, Elder Bloodhoof in Bloodhoof Village, Elder Riversong in Astranaar, Elder Grimtotem in Feralas, Elder Mistwalker in Dire Maul, Elder Nightwind in Felwood, Elder Skyseer in Freewind Post, Elder Morningdew in Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge, Elder Ragetotem in Tanaris, Elder Dreamseer in Gadgetzan, Elder Thunderhorn in Un’Goro, Elder Brightspear in Winterspring, Elder Stonespire in Everlook, Elder Primestone in Silithus, Elder Bladesing in Cenarion Hold
    • Elders of Northrend (18): Honor the Elders located in Northrend.
      • Elder Sardis in Valiance Keep, Elder Beldak in Westfall Brigade, Elder Morthie in Star’s Rest, Elder Fargal in Frosthold, Elder Arp in D.E.H.T.A., Elder Northal in Transitus Shield, Elder Sandrene in Lakeside Landing, Elder Wanikaya in Rainspeaker Rapids, Elder Lunaro in Ruins of Tethys, Elder Bluewolf in Wintergrasp, Elder Tauros in Zim’Torga, Elder Thoim in Moa’ki Harbor, Elder Graymane in K3, Elder Stonebeard in Bouldercrag’s Refuge, Elder Pamuya in Warsong Hold, Elder Whurain in Camp Oneqwah, Elder Skywarden in Agmar’s Hammer, Elder Muraco in Camp Tunka’lo
    • Elders of the Alliance (3): Honor the Elders located in the Alliance capital cities.
      • Elder Bladeswift in Darnassus, Elder Bronzebeard in Ironforge, Elder Hammershout in Stormwind
    • Elders of the Horde (3): Honor the Elders which are located in the Horde capital cities.
      • Elder Darkhorn in Orgrimmar, Elder Wheathoof in Thunder Bluff, Elder Darkcore in the Undercity
    • Elders of the Dungeons: Honor the Elders which are located inside the dungeons.
      • Elder Wildmane in Zul’Farrak, Elder Starsong in Sunken Temple, Elder Splitrock in Maraudon, Elder Stonefort in Blackrock Spire, Elder Morndeep in Blackrock Depths, Elder Farwhisper in Stratholme, Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep, Elder Igasho in the Nexus, Elder Nurgen in Azjol-Nerub, Elder Kilias in Drak’Tharon Keep, Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak, Elder Yurauk in the Halls of Stone, Elder Chogan’gada in Utgarde Pinnacle
    • Elders of the Cataclysm (9): Honor the Elders which are located in zones opened by the cataclysm.
      • Elder Stonebrand in the Temple of Earth, Elder Menkhaf in Uldum, Elder Sekhemi in Uldum, Elder Firebeard in Twighlight Highlands, Elder Darkfeather in Twilight Highlands, Elder Windsong in Hyjal, Elder Evershade in Nodrassil, Elder Moonlance in Vashj’ir, Elder Deepforge in Deepholm
  • Holiday Items


  • New! There are two new Dragon Costume colors. You’ll be able to purchase blue and green to add to your collection or mix things up.
    • New! Green Variation: Green Dragon Head Costume, Green Dragon Body Costume, Green Dragon Tail Costume
    • New! Blue Variation: Blue Dragon Head Costume, Blue Dragon Body Costume, Blue Dragon Tail Costume
    • Red Variation: Red Dragon Head Costume, Red Dragon Body Costume, Red Dragon Tail Costume
  • New! Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone: “Return home the wisest way possible!”
  • Elune’s Lantern
  • Everlasting Alliance Firework
  • Everlasting Horde Firework
Pets and Pet Toys
  • Pets: Lunar Lantern, Festival Lantern
  • Pet Toy: Perky Blaster
Accessories, Heirlooms Items, Schematic, Patterns
  • Heirloom Items: Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing, Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing
  • Schematic: Alliance Firework, Schematic: Horde Firework, Schematic: Snake Firework
  • Pattern: Festival Dress, Festival Suit
  • Holiday Apparel: Festive Green Dress, Festive Pink Dress, Festive Purple Dress, Festive Black Pant Suit, Festive Blue Pant Suit, Festive Teal Pant Suit

Learn more about the Lunar Festival on Wowpedia or on Wowhead’s holiday guide.

*Players who wish to travel to old Undercity will need to speak with Zidormi in Tirisfal Glades east of Lordaeron Keep, just outside of the burned scar near the road.



Pokémon Go’s next Raid Battle introduces Palkia

Palkia will be Pokémon Go’s next legendary to catch, Niantic announced. An in-game notification reveals that the fourth-generation monster will appear in Raid Battles starting tomorrow, Jan. 29, and throughout the month of February.


Palkia will be around as of 1 p.m. PST tomorrow. The water/dragon-type Pokémon will continue to be available in Raid Battles until 1 p.m. PST on Feb. 28.

The exclusive legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Pearl, which makes up half of the fourth-generation pair of games, is the latest legendary to make its Pokémon Go debut. Dialga, the legendary star of counterpart Pokémon Diamond, has yet to appear.

Both Diamond and Pearl are set in the Sinnoh region, where Palkia drops in from the alternate dimension it lives in. Where Palkia can manipulate spatial dimensions, Dialga can control time. (Pokémon Diamond and Pearl get real weird, y’all.)

I’m not sure how those abilities will play out in Pokémon Go, but we have the whole next month to find out. Most recently, a Hoenn region-themed in-game event wrapped, putting the spotlight on the generation of games just prior to Pearl and Diamond.



Destiny 2: Video Shows Off Big Change to Golden Gun Super

With next week’s major Destiny 2 update, developer Bungie promises a variety of changes and improvements that should go a long way towards supporting different play styles. One of the key ways Bungie plans to do this is by buffing a number of the game’s supers to make them more viable in PvE and PvP. And to illustrate that point Bungie has released a new video showing off the “revamped” Golden Gun super in action.


While Golden Gun has been a somewhat viable super in PvP, it’s utility in PvE is marginal without the Celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet. However, Bungie is giving the super a major buff that allows players to recoup a bullet on any Golden Gun kill, thereby extending its use.

In the video below, Destiny 2 fans can see how much larger the Golden Gun lasts and how many more enemies it can eliminate thanks to this change. It might not put Gunslinger on the same level of Sunbreakers or Nova Warp when it comes to add clear, but it at least helps the subclass compete. Not to mention, Bungie is buffing the damage of both Golden Gun supers, either the three-shot or the six-shooter.

Golden Gun isn’t the only super getting a buff but this appears to be the easiest for Bungie to show off how things are improving for the better. Almost every Destiny 2 super is getting a damage buff and a few of them are getting slight nerfs to dial back their power. Specifically, Nova Warp and Blade Barrage are going to lose some strength, as both have become extremely strong, especially in PvP.

It has been some time since Bungie has made any meaningful changes to balance in Destiny 2, but it appears that players will finally get an update that helps make the game feel different, even if ever so slightly. While supers are getting a lot of the attention, several weapon classes like grenade launchers will also receive buffs and nerfs to help fill out the viable options available to players.


Pokemon GO: The Ultimate Stardust Guide: farming, trading, second charge move, powering up

If you are a player who enjoys doing lots of trading or powering up your Pokémon to the best they can be for raids (soloing and duoing especially), then you might be in that population of players that struggle with their stardust numbers. In this article, I hope to shed some light on the perspective of stardust grinding and use in different aspects of the game.

Getting Dust

First, we much touch a little bit on how to get this precious stardust. Stardust is gathered a few different ways. The easiest and most common is by simply catching Pokémon. Below is a chart on the amount of dust catching Pokémon rewards you with.

Base Evolution Second Evolution Third Evolution
No weather boost 100 300 500
Weather boost 125 375 625
No weather boost, with a star piece 150 450 750
Weather boost, with a star piece 187 562 937

The third evolution catch dust is definitely the most alluring, but also the rarest. Most players catch all base evolution Pokémon with the rare sighting of a second evolution mon. Word on the street says that the rare Chimecho will give a base of 1000 stardust when caught, so if you find yourself with a Chimecho spawn, be sure to catch it! As mentioned in our last Stardust Article, catching 100 base evolution Pokémon with no weather boost is a simple 10,000 stardust, which will get you very little in the world of stardust. There are a few ‘fixes’ to the stardust system mentioned in this article as well, so there is no need to go into that topic here.

Egg hatching is another one of the more common ways to obtain stardust, although it is much slower. Egg hatching can grant quite a lot of dust, especially during double dust for hatching events. The amount of stardust scales with the distance egg you hatch, the chart below provides details.

Without Star Piece With Star Piece
2km Egg 400-800 600-1200
5km and 7km Egg 800-1600 1200-2400
10km Egg 1600-3200 2400- 4800

As you can see, if you have a batch of eggs ready to pop it is in your benefit to pop a star piece, hopefully before they start hatching! You can maximize stardust gains from eggs this way!

Gifts and PVP grant a random chance to receive stardust. Gifts can give 100 stardust per bundle, up to a bundle of 3, for 300 stardustStar pieces do affect this, giving 150 stardust per bundle, up to a bundle of 3 for 450 stardustPVP can give 500 stardust in real time battles and master league battles against the team leaders, per bundle up to 2 bundles for 1000 stardust. Star pieces also affect this, giving 750 stardust up to 2 bundles for 1500 stardust. You can open 20 gifts a day, and get rewards from 3 PVP battles every day, so though it is a limited and random chance amount, every little bit counts.

Quests can also give you stardust with rewards ranging from 100-1000 stardust per quest and 150-1500 stardust per quest with a star piece running.

Raids also give you stardust, 750 stardust for each raid whether you win or not. This is 1,125 stardust with a star piece running.

This last method is reliable yet expensive but can get you a little push in dust fast. Many people call the nanab berry the ‘gym fodder berry’ and for good reason. Never delete them out of your bag! They can be put to use in other ways than making your Pokémon less jumpy. When you pass by a gym occupied by your team or click ‘go to gym’ from the defending Pokémon page, you can feed berries. Each berry gives 20 stardust. You can feed 10 berries per Pokémon every half hour, for every Pokémon in the gym. If you feed 10 berries to 6 Pokémon, you make out with 1200 stardust. Star pieces do affect this, making each berry worth 30 stardust. Feeding 10 berries to 6 Pokémon with a star piece, you get 1800 stardust. As mentioned, this does take 60 berriesfor every time you do this. It is a more passive method, for when you have too many berries and not enough space.


Using Dust


By this point, we all are very familiar with trading, but here is a reminder of how friendship level affects the stardust cost for trades.


Level Regular and regional Shiny and Legendary
Caught New Caught New
Good friends
1 day
100 20,000 20,000 1,000,000
Great friends
7 days
100 16,000 16,000 800,000
Ultra friends
30 days
100 1,600 1,600 80,000
Best friends
90 days
100 800 800 40,000


Yikes, that can get expensive. Our first tip, save those new shiny and legendary trades for Best Friends only!!! (Yes, even if they cry that Ultra Friends is ‘close enough’).

Our second tip is to catch enough Pokémon to make up for what you trade. One normal Pokémon = One normal trade. The trading limit for each day is 100, and though the majority of players do not hit that goal each and every day, trading 100 normal Pokémon back and forth costs 10,000 stardust. That is a lot of stardust I know I do not consider when I go on a back and forth trading spree with my friends.


Second Charge Move

Another very simple use of dust, you can use stardust and candy to unlock a second charge move on a Pokémon! Sadly, this is not cheap, especially in the case of legendaries. There are a few niche situations where good Pokémon have a cheaper cost for a second move, for example, the babies which only cost 10,000 stardust and candy. If you plan to give your baby Pokémon a new move, always do it before you evolve! After you evolve, it can start costing upwards 50,000 stardust!

Honestly, there is no other tip I have for giving your Pokémon a second move. If you want to give your Mewtwo Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball, you will just have to bite the bullet on that one. Choose wisely, 100,000 stardust is 1,000 regular caught Pokémon, or 800 weather boosted base evolution Pokémon.

Below is a chart of what classes of Pokémon require what dust and candy cost to give a second move, for your viewing pleasure.


Second Charge Move Unlock Costs
Category Dust Cost Candy Cost
1 km Buddy Distance, Babies, & Starters 10,000 25
3 km Buddy Distance 50,000 50
5 km Buddy Distance 75,000 75
20 km Buddy Distance (Legendaries & Mythicals) 100,000 100


Powering Up

Now to the most important part, powering up. In the past and even now, powering up Pokémon is the heart and soul of a good PVP and raiding team. One can only get so far using all level 15, 20, and 25 research and raid rewards.

Niantic has recently made powering up a little bit easier in the form of lucky Pokémon, but some people do not seem to realize the full impact of lucky Pokémon on the cost of powering up. Here are some tables detailing the cost of powering up Pokémon from different levels.

Non-Lucky Power-Ups
Level 1-40 270,000 Stardust
Level 15-40 (research) 246,400 Stardust
Level 20-40 (raid) 225,000 Stardust
Level 25-40 (weather boosted raid) 194,000 Stardust
Level 30-40 (max non-weather boosted level) 150,000 Stardust
Level 35-40 (max weather boosted level) 88,000 Stardust
Lucky Power-Ups
Level 1-40 135,000 Stardust
Level 15-40 (research) 123,200 Stardust
Level 20-40 (raid) 112,500 Stardust
Level 25-40 (weather boosted raid) 97,000 Stardust
Level 30-40 (max non-weather boosted level) 75,000 Stardust
Level 35-40 (max weather boost level) 44,000 Stardust

The cost of powering up a lucky Pokémon is a fantastic investment of stardust. Having access to luckies basically allows you to ‘max two for the price of one’. It costs less stardust to max a level 1 lucky Pokémon than it costs to max a level 25 weather boosted raid boss, or even a level 30 wild find if that speaks anything to you. Luckies also have an IV floor of 12/12/12, giving them a higher chance of being worthy of powering up. Sometimes, it is even worth it to max a lucky Pokémon just because (usually if it has 15 attack), even if it is not 90+% IV, because it is an easy investment (considering you have the candy, which in the case of legendaries, is the real issue here).

There are also more flaws with luckies, as they were introduced long after the trading feature was announced, and then after everyone traded away all their old Pokémon, Niantic announced a guaranteed lucky system! Not to mention, child accounts that have not been restarted entirely from scratch on Niantic Kids, still do not have access to ANY friend features, including trading, blocking them from getting luckies at all.


Final Words

This article is meant to get you to think about all the different ways you can gain stardust and all the different ways you can use stardust in relation to how much of it you can get. This does not mean you have to go out maxing lucky Pokémon just because you can max two of them instead of one, but it does help people realize that maybe they should try to get more luckies (even though it is just that… luck based) and maybe even get some good power up worthy Pokémon.

Never be ashamed of maxing a Pokémon, trading a Pokémon, or giving a Pokémon second moves. People will always come at you with the “I only power up hundos” or, “I never make special trades” or, “Using stardust? I’ve never used it, I have 10 million”. What you do with your stardust is what you want to do with it. It can be replenished in more ways than one.



Counter Strike Global Offensive 1/28/2019: Esports NoChance vs Nemiga Pick, Prediction, and Preview

NoChance vs Nemiga
Date & Time Monday January 28, 2019, 7:00 AM (EST)
The Line
NoChance -313/ Nemiga +209

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NoChances battles against Nemiga Gaming in the Group A Winners match of the QIWI Teamplay Season 3.

NoChance is coming off a dominating win over Tomorrow will be Better taking both Overpass and Inferno 16-4. Tomorrow Will Be Better had no chance in that matchup and will be playing in the loser matchup game later against HOLLYWOOD. Against Tomorrow Will be Better frozen led NoChance with a whopping 42 kills and an ADR of 104.7. Frozen was closely followed by nukkye who posted 37 kills and 21 deaths.  NoChance was dominant and I am looking for them to keep that momentum going in this matchup.

Nemiga is coming off a win against HOLLYWOOD which was a very competitive match. Nemiga won the first map (Mirage) with a score of 16-14. HOLLYWOOD with their backs against the wall forced overtime in the second map but was unable to close it out as Nemiga took the win 19-16. The shining stars for Nemiga were mds and jyo who posted 51 and 53 kills respectively. Those two will need another big day if they want to be competitive against NoChance.


Both of these teams have only played one game so like in our last article where we took NoChance at -1.5 and won we look at the Individual skill set and team chemistry. NoChance was dominant against Tomorrow Will Be Better and I am looking for them to continue that dominance against Nemiga.

NoChance is a staggering -313 in this matchup and the value isn’t there. Looking at the props Nemiga to not win a map sits at +105 and if I can get these odds against NoChance I will take it.


‘Pokemon Go’ Adds Shiny Psyduck

Pokemon Go has a new Shiny Pokemon appearing in the wild to commemorate the game’s first Safari Zone event of 2019.

Pokemon Go is hosting its first live event of 2019, a Safari Zone event held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The event will offer Brazilian players a chance to catch Pokemon like Relicanth, certain Gen 4 starters, and Psyduck, a reference to the city’s Lagoon of the Ducks.

As part of the event, Shiny Psyduck are now appearing all around the world, even for players who live outside of Brazil. Shiny Pokemon are alternate colored versions of Pokemon that are usually quite rare. A Shiny Psyduck has light blue feathers instead of its usual yellow, while its evolved form Golduck has dark blue feathers and a peach-colored bill.

Although Shiny Psyduck will still likely be a rare find for most players, those attending the Safari Zone event this weekend will likely have a much better chance of finding the Shiny Pokemon. We’ll note that Psyduck spawns will eventually be increased all around the world to celebrate the event.

0COMMENTSIn addition to Relicanth and Shiny Psyduck, players can also find the “P”, “O”, “R”, “T”, “A”, “L”, “E” and “G” variants of Unown if they attend the Safari Zone event. Those Unown were chosen as they can be used to spell out the name of Porto Alegre.

The Safari Zone event is free to attend, but players will need a ticket. Brazilian players can still celebrate the Safari Zone event, as Pokemon Go will be increasing the spawn rates of many Pokemon associated with the event around the entire country. The event will run through January 27th.


theScore esports Daily (Jan. 25): Renegades qualify for Katowice Major

theScore esports Daily is a once-a-day briefing covering the top news stories from around the world of esports.

Renegades qualify for Katowice Major

After besting Grayhound Gaming in the Upper Bracket final of IEM Katowice’s Asia Minor, Australian CS:GO team Renegades became the first team from the event to qualify for the event.

Following their 16-6 loss on Inferno, Renegades went on to beat Grayhound 16-11 on Mirage and 16-13 on Cache. Their victory assured them a place in the New Challengers Stage of the IEM Katowice Major and a grand prize of $30,000.

Dimitri Pascaluta is a content creator for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.