Bug Out! Event Announced: April 2nd-9th, Bug-types Galore!

During the event, Bug-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild, Incense will last twice as long, and more Pokémon will appear when using Incense. A set of limited-time Bug-type themed Field Research will be available. No new shiny Pokémon have been confirmed as of yet.

Event Details

Event Bug Out!
Date + Time Apr. 2, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PDT to Apr. 9, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7)
  • Bug-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild.
  • Incense will last twice as long (60 minutes!).
  • More Pokémon will appear when using Incense.
Field Research
  • Limited-time Bug-type Pokémon Field Research will be available during this event.

Increased Spawns

We expect the following Pokémon to be spawning more frequently during the event:

CaterpieCaterpie WeedleWeedle ParasParas
VenonatVenonat ScytherScyther PinsirPinsir
LedybaLedyba SpinarakSpinarak YanmaYanma
WurmpleWurmple VolbeatVolbeat IllumiseIllumise
AnorithAnorith KricketotKricketot CombeeCombee
ShuckleShuckle PinecoPineco

In Conclusion
To me, the event seems reminiscent of the main series Bug-Catching Contest that was introduced in Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Although the mechanics are entirely different, the strong emphasis on Scyther rings a familiar bell: Scyther, Pinsir, and one family of Bug-type Pokémon (Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree in Silver, Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill in Gold) could only be caught during the Bug-Catching Contest. All the others could be caught in the wild outside the contest.

No new shiny Pokémon have been mentioned, but we sincerely hope that some will be added. No word on Illumise and Volbeat changing places either. Stay tuned for more information.

source: pokemongohub.net

New Contents: Weapons, Grips and More

[New Weapon Update]

In addition to the much-varied 5.56MM AR, we added the new 7.62MM weapon BERYL. The BERYL will be running against M24, the most preferred 7.62MM weapon according to the surveys on Facebook. The weapon will be able to be spawned in both Erangel and Miramar. Muzzles, grips, magazines, and other attachments can be added, its rate of fire and damage are higher and damage are higher compared to other ARs. It may be a bit difficult to control the recoil, but we’re confident you’ll be able to master the BERYL with some effort.

[Three New Grips Added]

Three new grips have been added in this patch. You will now be able to attach a wider variety of grips in addition to the existing grips shown through the survey over the past weekend for an event more interesting gunplay.

Feel free to share your tips and reviews with other users on not only the existing vertical and angled grip but also the new grips as well and enjoy the diversified gameplay.

[Login Reward Replacement]

We planned only to have big rewards on the week we added the attendance, but thanks to your support we’ve decided to replace the rewards with a  new set of rewards and continue the event this week.

Period: March 28 (after maintenance) until April 13

[New Random Box: Hero’s Crate Release]

We’re releasing a new Random Box called Hero’s Crate to follow the existing Soldier’s Crate Box. It will be sold at 1,000BP.

Also, we’re releasing the Premium Hero’s Crate. Although the chances of getting rare items in the premium boxes is 4X higher than other boxes, we wanted to lessen your burden to purchase these boxes by keeping the price at 2,500BP (instead of raising the price by 4X). Make sure you don’t miss out on the edgiest items in the Hero’s Crate.

[New Functions in This Patch]
We added some new functions that you wanted most such as the screenshot function and report function.

Screenshot function

Now you can take screenshots easily with the “F12” key. Capture your best PUBG LITE moments with this new function!
File directory: C:/Users/”UserName”/Documents/PUBGLite/Screenshots
Report function update

We updated the report function based on your feedback. Now the “report function” is available right after you are killed in a squad.

You can also report a player while spectating by pressing “R”. Please do not hesitate to report any players who play unfairly to create a cleaner PUBG LITE gameplay experience.

Quick Marker function added

As many of you requested the quick marker function has been added. You can now ping quickly without opening the minimap with “ALT + Mouse Scroll Button” in the direction of the crosshair to make the mark immediately. We hope you can now give orders and directions to your squad more easily
The quick marker will be appear for 10 seconds. To prevent reckless usage of the quick marker function, after using the function once there is a wait time of 2 seconds.

A new function now allows you to make the map half transparent.
You can adjust this setting in Option > Gameplay > UI > MapOpacity
Water penetration function

The penetration function we added with the previous patch is now effective underwater as well.

source: lite.pubg.com

PUBG Mobile Ban: Five Incidents in India Which Indicate How Addictive The Battle Royale Game Can be

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, the Battle Royale game known as ‘PUBG’, saw its popularity skyrocket after it was introduced for mobiles as well. The game gets regular updates and new features, and the player base for the rather addictive game is constantly increasing. The game has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the last few days, with government authorities taking action to dissuade young kids from playing the game. Multiple cities in India have banned PUBG and police in some cities have arrested as many as 10 university students for playing the game despite the ban. The National Child Rights Commission has recommended barring the game for its violent nature. If you still are on the fence about the unfolding social impact of PUBG Mobile on the youth and the adults alike, here are five incidents which have occurred in India over the past few weeks.

1. Recently, a 20-year-old youngster from Jagitial, Telangana died while playing the game. According to a report, the young boy was constantly playing the game for the last 45 days and suffered serious neck pain. The boy was taken to a hospital in Hyderabad where he died while undergoing treatment. Reports suggest that he played the game at a long stretch due to which the nerves in his neck were completely damaged.

2. A young boy has failed in his first year pre-university exam after he wrote only about ‘how to play PUBG game’ in the Economics exam answer sheet. Earlier the boy had secured distinction in his SSLC exam last year, but got addicted to the online game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds he lost the track. “I was studious, but got attracted towards PUBG as it was entertaining, and soon got addicted to it. Sometimes I even bunked classes to play the game and sat in the nearby garden,” the told The New Indian Express.

“I got angry with myself and wrote about PUBG in the answer sheet. Now my parents have taken the mobile away, but the images of the game continue to linger in my mind. I realise how dangerous a game it is,” he further added. The examiner who evaluated the very same paper said, “usually students who do not know the answers write film songs or famous movie dialogues. But this boy has written everything about the game, starting from steps to download it to how to play it. He seems to have good mastery over the game. I brought the issue to the principal’s notice, and we summoned his parents and informed them about their son’s addiction.” Meanwhile, Varun now has a chance to appear in the exam scheduled to be held in June.

3. A recent report suggests that a young man from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh drank acid mistaking it for water, while engrossed in the PUBG game. According to the report, the youth was so busy in the game that he picked up the bottle of acid instead of a bottle of water and drank it. He was rushed to hospital, where Dr. Manan Gogia performed an operation on the youth’s the intestines. His condition is now said to be out of danger.

4. Two persons engrossed in playing online game PUBG were knocked down by a train in Hingoli district in Maharashtra, police said Sunday. The incident happened at Khatkali Bypass in Hingoli, over 570 kms from Mumbai, on Saturday evening, an official said. “Nagesh Gore (24) and Swapnil Annapurne (22) were playing PUBG near the railway tracks. They were run over by the Hyderabad-Ajmer train. Their bodies were found late at night by people living in the vicinity,” he said. An accidental death report has been registered at Hingoli police station, he informed. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly called PUBG, is an online multi-player game of South Korean origin which experts have said is highly addictive and gives rise to violent behaviour in many of those playing it.

5. The fitness trainer allegedly got addicted to playing PUBG online over a span of ten days ago and after completing one of the rounds, he started hitting himself with blows and was injured, which resulted in him being admitted to the hospital. “The patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost his mental balance,” a doctor treating him stated. The doctor further added that even though he was recognizing people, his mind was not very conscious and still under the influence of the ‘PUBG’ game.

source: news18.com

Splyce vs. SK Gaming: A battle between true underdogs  

This series isn’t between Fnatic or G2 Esports. Not many people may be as excited to watch these teams play. But for Splyce and SK Gaming, this series might be their chance to make history and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Among all six playoff teams in the LEC, Splyce and SK Gaming are true underdogs. Fnatic, G2 Esports, Origen, and Vitality all have a history of success that carries a good amount of expectation behind it. For Splyce and SK, however, the pressure isn’t as intense. As a result, maybe that means they can play as free as they want to and surprise the fans and their opponents.

Splyce has become one of the more consistent teams in the LEC, highlighted by their slow, steady play toward their strong late game. SK Gaming’s fiery roster of young talent has had to fight tooth and nail for their playoff spot. Unfortunately, only one team can rise above their opponent and move on to the next round of the playoffs. Who wants it more?

A Selfmade success?

Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek made his presence known in the first week of the LEC by dismantling the former Worlds finalists, Fnatic. Since then, he’s become the catalyst for most of SK Gaming’s success.

No one can deny that he’s been not only one of the best rookies this season, but also one of the best junglers in the region. He has the second-most kills of any LEC jungler with 50, and he leads all junglers with an impressive 74.5 percent kill participation. He even leads the league with seven Player of the Match honors.

His early game pressure and playmaking abilities have been essential to SK Gaming’s wins. Without him, it’s almost guaranteed that this roster wouldn’t have reached the same heights that they’ve attained this split. As a result, he’ll be one of the key players to watch out for in this series.

There’s one problem, though. Will Selfmade be able to stand the bright lights of the playoff stage in Rotterdam? Rookies have consistently floundered under the pressure of a playoff matchup. Additionally, how will Selfmade adjust to a best-of-five series, where teams can adapt to his playstyles?

Meanwhile, Splyce’s Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir has already felt the atmosphere of a playoff game before. That experience will be key in this matchup, should the series go the distance. Not to mention, Xerxe has been very consistent this split, boasting the highest KDA of any LEC jungler. He also leads LEC junglers with the highest average gold difference at 10 minutes and highest average experience difference at 10 minutes.

New blood vs. old guard

Another key matchup to watch will be down in the bot lane with Juš “Crownshot” Marušič against Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup—a fiery newcomer to the LEC against a proven talent. Kobbe is still only 22 years old, but after spending almost four years with Splyce, he’s an experienced ADC who’s gone through many ups and downs in his career.

After the huge European shuffle, Kobbe stayed with Splyce, and his patience has been rewarded with a playoff berth. It’s clear that Kobbe has become a pretty big win condition for the team, especially with how Splyce loves to play for the late game. His stats are great, too—he has the second-highest kills among all LEC marksmen with 81. He also has the second-highest KDA of any ADC and has a 35 percent first blood rate. Look for Splyce to lean on Kobbe once more as they head into their sixth playoff appearance.

Crownshot, on the other hand, has some pretty good stats for a rookie ADC. He’s right behind Kobbe with the third-most kills of any European ADC, and has a sky-high kill participation rate of 74.5 percent, which leads all LEC marksmen. The only problem is how often he dies—he leads all ADCs in deaths for the regular season. Is this a testament to his inexperience at the highest level of play? Will he succumb to the pressure of the big stage in the playoffs? These are some of the biggest question marks surrounding this matchup.

Experience or youth?

Ultimately, SK Gaming and Splyce both look poised to make a huge splash in the postseason. SK Gaming have to rely on their budding star jungler and his ability to affect the rest of the map. Should they get the ball rolling, it’s hard to stop them.

Splyce, on the other hand, seem to have plenty of tools that they can rely on across their roster. From their veteran top laner, Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss, to their own rookie mid laner, Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, there should be enough firepower for Splyce to hold the line against SK.

source: dotesports.com

Pokemon Go Will Add Shiny Diglett If Enough Players Participate In Earth Day Event

Help clean up the environment and you’ll have a chance to catch a new Shiny Pokemon.

Earth Day is only a few weeks away, and Pokemon Go developer Niantic is encouraging players to go out and help clean up the environment. The company announced it is once again partnering with Playmob for its second annual Earth Day campaign, an initiative to get players to tidy up their community–and potentially unlock some bonuses in Ingress and Pokemon Go.

Throughout April, Niantic and Playmob will hold cleanup events in communities around the world. Players will be able to search and sign up for these events through the official website, or nominate an NGO to organize their own local cleanup.

Just as last year, Niantic will offer special bonuses in Pokemon Go depending on how many players turn out for the cleanup events. These rewards range from increased Ground-type Pokemon spawns to the first appearance of Shiny Diglett. You can see the potential bonuses below, while additional details about the Earth Day campaign can be found on Niantic’s blog.

Pokemon Go Earth Day 2019 Bonuses

2,000 participants — increased Ground Pokemon spawns
5,000 participants — Shiny Diglett appearance and increased Ground Pokemon spawns
7,000 participants — Groudon returns to Raid Battles, plus 2x Stardust and Candy for event spawns, Shiny Diglett appearance, and increased Ground Pokemon spawns
In the meantime, Niantic has a few other events planned for Pokemon Go. Beginning March 28, the Gen 4 Legendary Giratina will return to Raid Battles. It’ll appear in its standard Altered Forme until April 2, but after that it’ll assume its Origin Forme–the serpent like appearance it takes in Pokemon Platinum–until it leaves Raids on April 29.

Niantic is also holding another Limited Research event on March 30. This time, players will be able to find special Field Research tasks focusing on Lotad, and Pokemon that are affected by weather conditions like Castform will appear more frequently in the wild. On top of that, players will have their first chance to catch the Shiny forms of Lotad and Castform during the event.

source: gamespot.com

Pokemon Go: Two New Shiny Pokemon Debuting Next Week In Limited Research Event

Shiny Lotad and Castform are set to appear for the first time on March 30.
Next week is shaping up to be a busy one for Pokemon Go players. In addition to Giratina’s return to Raid Battles, Niantic has announced a new Limited Research event, which will give players their first opportunity to catch two new Shiny Pokemon.

The event takes place on Saturday, March 30, and runs from 11 AM to 8 PM local time. During those hours, Pokemon that are affected by weather conditions, such as Castform, will appear more frequently in the wild. You’ll also receive special Field Research tasks from Poke Stops, which will culminate in encounters with Lotad.

On top of that, the Shiny forms of Lotad and Castform will appear during the event, marking the first time either has been available in Pokemon Go. Niantic is also adding the move Weather Ball for Castform permanently to the game. You can read more details about the new Limited Research event on the official Pokemon Go website.

In the meantime, a few more days still remain in Pokemon Go’s ongoing spring equinox celebration. Until March 26, Grass Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild. On top of that, the rare Rock/Psychic Pokemon Lunatone and Solrock have swapped regions, and their Shiny forms have likewise started appearing for the first time.

Pokemon Go’s next Community Day takes place on March 23. Not long after that, the Legendary Pokemon Giratina will make an encore appearance in Raid Battles. You’ll be able to catch it again in its Altered Forme from March 28 to April 2, after which point it’ll assume its Origin Forme–the appearance it takes in Pokemon Platinum–for the first time in Pokemon Go until April 29.


Source: gamespot.com

Lotad Research Day announced!

Trainers, a new Limited Research Day is coming to Pokemon GO! Weather Limited Research Day is a special event that takes place on March 30 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in your local time zone and features increased weather spawns, limited Lotad Research tasks and two new shiny Pokemon: shiny Lotad and shiny Castform (Normal form)!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Weather Limited Research Day event
Date and Time March 30 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in your local time zone.
  • Increased Weather specific spawns
  • Limited Research tasks feature Lotad encounters
  • Two new shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO: shiny Lotad and shiny Castform (only Normal form)
  • New move Weather Ball for Castform will be permanently added to the game.

Here’s a full overview of Lotad and Castform family in their shiny and normal form (shiny Ludicolo looks amazing!):

Normal version Shiny version
Pokemon GO Lotad Pokemon GO Lotad shiny
Pokemon GO Lombre Pokemon GO Lombre shiny
Pokemon GO Ludicolo Pokemon GO Ludicolo shiny
Pokemon GO Castform Pokemon GO Castform shiny

We’re not sure if Weather Ball will have a special effect in PvP, but given the recent influx of stat modifying moves, we would be surprised if it didn’t have one. Alas, in the main series game Weather Ball is rather special, as its type changes depending on the weather at the time it is used.

  • Fire-type if it is sunny
  • Water-type if it is raining
  • Ice-type if it is hailing
  • Rock-type if there is a sandstorm

It remains to be seen how it will be implemented in GO, but we hope Niantic will follow the main series on this one. Here’s how the move looks like in the main series:

Event infographic

source: pokemongohub.net

Red Bull collaborates with Riot Games to host one-vs-one League of Legends tournament

As a sponsor of the League of Legends European Championship, Red Bull has teamed up with Riot Games in Europe to host the Red Bull Player One 2019, a worldwide one-vs-one League tournament geared toward amateur players.

Beginning in April, the tournament will feature over 25 different countries from around the globe. Winners of each national final will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Brazil, where they’ll get a chance to train with professionals in the Red Bull Player One Bootcamp.

The tournament will make numerous stops on its tour through Europe, including Italy, Sweden, Spain, and Serbia. The finals will be held in São Paulo, Brazil in December, where players will battle it out to see who will be crowned the Champion of Summoners.

Featuring a Blind Pick draft, the tournament will follow classic one-vs-one rules: The first player to reach 100 creep score, destroy a tower, or secure first blood wins the match.

Red Bull Player One first debuted in Brazil in 2015, but has since grown on an international scale with over 30,000 competitors. Earlier this month, the energy drink company revealed its sponsorship of the game’s competitive European region, the LEC, and announced it would be teaming up with the League developer to host competitive events across Europe.

To compete in the Red Bull Player One 2019, players must be at least 16 years old and can’t be participating in the LCS, LEC, LCK or LPL. Likewise, players can only compete in one national qualifier and must have all the appropriate travel documentation to compete in the international event.

More information on how to register will be released in the near future.

source: dotesports.com

Pokemon GO: March Field Research Breakthrough Rewards Revealed

Alongside Pokemon GO‘s new field research tasks for March 2019, developer Niantic has changed up the available legendary pool for completing a Field Research Breakthrough. Per usual, a breakthrough is obtained when players complete Field Research tasks seven days in a row. Claiming this breakthrough rewards a player with a special encounter, usually a legendary Pokemon.

For January and February, players were rewarded from a pool of Pokemon that included the three legendary birds (Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno) and the three legendary dogs (Raikou, Entei, and Suicune). Pokemon GO developer Niantic is keeping this pool open but has removed the legendary birds from the March 2019 pool, replacing these legendary birds with the legendary titan trio. Ho-oh and Lugia will also remain as part of this pool.

For those not in the know, the legendary titan trio was introduced in generation 3 and is composed of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. They’ve previously been featured on the Raid Boss rotation, but now those rural players and those who couldn’t capture these legendaries have another chance. Of course, there is still only a 1/6 chance of getting these Pokemon, yet it seems likely that these will feature in this Pokemon GO pool through April – if the removal of the legendary birds is establishing a pattern.

Reports seem to indicate that this is the case, but there has not been any clear indication from Niantic itself. Because of this, it should be taken with a minor grain of salt that it will extend through April, but if so, that gives players roughly 8 weeks to gather the legendaries that they are missing before a new Pokemon (or another pool) takes its place in Pokemon GO.The Field Research Breakthrough rewards are popular among those players who cannot frequently take place in raids. These pools may add some variety to the mix, but they also give players the chance to get multiple legendaries in one month. If they remain popular, this could be the new established breakthrough pattern, somewhat like the pattern of the Community Day events which predicted Treecko as the March Community Day Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS.

source: gamerant.com

Latias Returns for a Special Raid Weekend!

Latias, one of the Eon Duo dragons, will be making her return to raid battles this weekend. Read the official announcement here: Challenge Latias in this Special Raid Weekend.

The event time is as follows:

Start: February 22nd, 2019 at 1pm PST.
End: February 25th, 2019 at 1pm PST.

We assume (although it is not confirmed) that Palkia will still be in raids alongside Latias, like how Cresselia was still available during the Lugia and Ho-Oh weekend. We will confirm this and update as soon as the event drops on Friday.

The real incentive for this event is, of course, a new shiny! Latias’ shiny variant is pretty amazing, so let’s take a look at her:

Latias Returns for a Special Raid Weekend!

Beautiful and yellow with light green accents, very easy to spot!

Taking on this raid boss will not be easy, so consult our Latias raid guide for full details on how to take her on. She has plenty of viable counters, but in short, Latias is weak to bug, dragon, dark, ghost, fairy, and ice. It is a hard call to say if Latias will be duoable, but the signs point to no. At the very least, it is a medium hard/difficult trio, depending on the boss move set.Remember to always judge the number of players needed by their individual counters.

Take advantage of the weekend, however much free time you have to raid, to gather up a group and go for the shiny. Latias may not be the strongest dragon-type out there, but that shiny makes it all worth it!

As of right now, the current boxes are not the best deal for raid passes, so it will be best to hold off and see if a better box appears after the Valentine’s Day event ends on the 21st. If we do get a new box, we will have a better judgement at that time whether it would be more beneficial to buy the box, or to buy raid passes one by one for a better value.

It has also been confirmed that Latios will be receiving his own special raid weekend at some point in the future, so you will have the chance to grab both Eon dragons, and possibly with luck, both of their shinies!

Source: pokemongohub.net