Latias, one of the Eon Duo dragons, will be making her return to raid battles this weekend. Read the official announcement here: Challenge Latias in this Special Raid Weekend.

The event time is as follows:

Start: February 22nd, 2019 at 1pm PST.
End: February 25th, 2019 at 1pm PST.

We assume (although it is not confirmed) that Palkia will still be in raids alongside Latias, like how Cresselia was still available during the Lugia and Ho-Oh weekend. We will confirm this and update as soon as the event drops on Friday.

The real incentive for this event is, of course, a new shiny! Latias’ shiny variant is pretty amazing, so let’s take a look at her:

Latias Returns for a Special Raid Weekend!

Beautiful and yellow with light green accents, very easy to spot!

Taking on this raid boss will not be easy, so consult our Latias raid guide for full details on how to take her on. She has plenty of viable counters, but in short, Latias is weak to bug, dragon, dark, ghost, fairy, and ice. It is a hard call to say if Latias will be duoable, but the signs point to no. At the very least, it is a medium hard/difficult trio, depending on the boss move set.Remember to always judge the number of players needed by their individual counters.

Take advantage of the weekend, however much free time you have to raid, to gather up a group and go for the shiny. Latias may not be the strongest dragon-type out there, but that shiny makes it all worth it!

As of right now, the current boxes are not the best deal for raid passes, so it will be best to hold off and see if a better box appears after the Valentine’s Day event ends on the 21st. If we do get a new box, we will have a better judgement at that time whether it would be more beneficial to buy the box, or to buy raid passes one by one for a better value.

It has also been confirmed that Latios will be receiving his own special raid weekend at some point in the future, so you will have the chance to grab both Eon dragons, and possibly with luck, both of their shinies!


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